10 Easy Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

10 Easy Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

When you first start gardening, you may not know where to begin or what resources to look for. There’s a lot more to it than just sticking a seed in the ground and watching something grow. Being a novice gardener, I make a lot of mistakes. Luckily, there are a lot of different websites, videos, and more out there that can help you start on your journey.

Yes, you will make mistakes now and again. We’ve all been there, and we still make mistakes to this day. But here are some of the most common mistakes and tips to avoid them.

Are your plants right for your zone?

Every area of the country is in a specific gardening zone depending on its climate. Some plants need it a little warmer. Some plants, like crocuses, like the cold. Gardeners living within miles of each other can live in different zones. It’s warmer inland and colder near the water. Taking these things into consideration will ensure that you plant a garden that will flourish in your climate.

Did you properly prepare your soil?

Some plants like well-drained soil and so you would add some small pebbles to the soil. Some plants like slightly acidic soil so you would mix in some coffee grounds. Sometimes you need to add gardening or topsoil to give your garden plants a great base to grow from. Properly preparing the soil before you plant is a must!

Did you feed your plants?

Plants are living things. Like people, they need food. Some plants need more food, some need less. Plants should be fed more often during their active growing season, usually spring and summer, and less often in the winter. Check with the greenhouse before you buy so you know how often to feed your little green darlings.

Are your plants getting enough or too much sun?

Not all plants are of the sun-loving variety. Some plants, especially vegetables, need all the sun they can get. Hostas, on the other hand, prefer life in the shade. Make sure you know how many hours of sun your plants need and see to it they get as much, or as little, as they desire.

Did you provide weed control?

You can’t just plunk a plant down in the ground and expect the weeds to stay away. The basic black plastic is one choice to keep weeds at bay. A better choice is newspaper. Lay newspaper out in your garden and cut slits where you will plant. Once you’ve planted, weigh the paper down with mulch. This will help retain water and nutrients but will keep weeds from choking your garden and it’s much better for the environment.

Do your plants compliment each other?

Like fish, some plants like to be with certain other plants. Some taller plants want little plants around them to keep their roots cool. Ask your local greenhouse what other plants will make yours happy.

Did you plant far enough apart?

Every plant needs a certain amount of space, from 3 to 4 inches to several feet. Check the label or ask your greenhouse about proper spacing.

Did you plant in the right season or month?

Some bulbs should be planted in the fall to grow and bloom in the spring. There are spring plants, summer plants, even some fall plants. Depending on your zone you cold need to plant from fall to spring rather than spring to fall. Check with your local greenhouse!

Did you plant it and forget it?

Some plants need a little more maintenance. Basil, for example, needs the flowers clipped off in order to keep producing leaves. A lot of flowering plants will stop producing blooms if the flowers aren’t pinched off when they begin to fade. Some plants, like roses and Japanese willows, need pruning.

What have you done to control pests?

Pests can do a real number on your lovely garden. There are several options in pest control. You can buy typical powders and granules anywhere from Wal-Mart to your local nursery. A better choice is to go to The Happy Gardener. They provide an amazing line of organic gardening products for every need from residential to commercial, fertilizer to pest control.

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