3 Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers That Go Well Together

3 Easy To Grow Perennial Flowers That Go Well Together

As you begin to plan your new garden for the new year, we have some great options for decorative plants. Most of these plants are perennials depending on your growing zone. But will add pops of color and fun to any garden. And the best part – they’ll come back every year adding to the beauty of your yard and space!

Container gardening is a fun and trendy way to put plants on a patio, spread them around a walkway, or create a garden area that is easily changed at the slightest whim. Container gardening is portable and makes for lovely gifts. Finding plants that grow well in containers means they’ll need a root system that doesn’t mind the close quarters. Some of my favorite perennials to put in decorative pots are in this piece, and all are very easy to grow – even for beginners!

Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)

This easy-to-grow perennial attracts hummingbirds to the landscape and is a member of the buttercup family of plants. They have bell-like red or yellow nodding flowers and compound leaves that look like fern fronds. It grows two feet tall and about a foot wide. It prefers full sun to partial shade and is adaptable to the soil type. Propagate by seed. It will even reseed on its own. Wild columbine is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 8.

Wax Begonia (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum)

This easy-to-grow perennial has succulent stems, glossy leaves, and a wide range of flower types. Leaves can be red, bronze, green, or mahogany. Flowers can be white, rose, red, or pink. It grows in bright sun but is tolerant of shade and drought. Propagate by cuttings. Wax begonia is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 9 through 11.

Garden Mum (Chrysanthemum hybrids)

This fast-growing and easy-to-grow evergreen perennial has dark green aromatic leaves and a variety of different flower types. You can find garden mums in any size, color, or shape. They bloom in summer or fall with some cultivar types blooming even in spring. Typically, they will reach five feet in height. Plant in acidic soil with full to partial sun. Propagate by division or by cuttings. The garden mum is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 5 through 9.

Flame Nettle (Coleus x hybridus)

This fast-growing and easy-to-grow perennial is a member of the mint family of plants and has over 200 different varieties. Most are evergreen, succulent, and range from one to six feet tall. They have varying colors and patterns to the leaves as well as a wide variety of colors for the flowers. Plant a flame nettle in well-drained soil with bright sun to shade conditions (check your cultivar for specifics). Propagate by cuttings or by seed. The flame nettle is going to be hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 9 through 10.

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