Canning Accessories You Need To Order Now

Canning Accessories You Need To Order Now

Canning Accessories You Need To Order Now

If you’re new to canning, or an old pro – there are some tools you need that will make it easier for you to do. From water bath canning to pressure canning – you’re going to want to check out these tools before you make your next sauces or jellies. Of course, we’re sure you already have jars and lids on hand right? But what about these other tools?

Pressure Canner

If you’re started to can, you may wonder what this difference between water bath canning and pressure canning. Pressure canning is for items that have a low acidity level similar to soups, vegetables and stocks. But a pressure canner can actually be used can items that would traditionally be processed in a water canner – just a lot faster. It can actually be used to cook in too! If you are just starting out a Pressure Canner Kit might be a great way to start your canning journey!

Canning Tools

If you want to start with water bath canning, all you really need is a stock pot and basic canning tools. There are some you absolutely need and some that you don’t. A jar lifter is key and a lid magnet! Trust me, you wont want to reach inside the hot water to get the items out. Thankfully you can get a set of the tools you need for relatively affordably to get started.

Food Mill

If you plan on making a lot of sauces or purees you need a food mill. Simply put the food in the top and twist it and it pulverizes while taking the seeds and skin away. You’ll be so happy you didn’t have to do this by hand, and they come apart easily for washing too.

Pickle Packer

Of all the things I didn’t know that I needed in life, it was a pickle packer! Curved to fit comfortably in your hand, it helps you get the most fruits or veggies in the jar so you can use all of the available space. They’re also great for crushing cabbage for sauerkraut!

Fermenting Discs

And on the note of sauerkraut, you’re going to want to grab some fermentation weights. It’s not a quick process if you’re fermenting. But these weights keep everything pushed down together to keep the process going. Easy to clean, and even easier to use – get a set with lids that you can use to make the process even easier.

Stock Pot

Chances are you already have a stock pot in your kitchen, but you will need a tall one for canning purposes. The water will have to be at least 1 inch over the top of the jar and you don’t want to process them incorrectly. As an added bonus, you can make huge amounts of soup or chili in it when you’re not canning!

Jar Box

Ok, you’ve canned up all of your produce and made all of your sauces. But now where do you store it? And what if you have to move it somewhere? This is where Jar box comes in. Made perfectly to size for large and small jars, the plastic shell locks together and keeps the jars in place and safe. They wont rattle against each other and hit each other while being transported. And if you’re not moving the jars, the two halves work great stacked on top of each other as a make shift shelf system to safely store your canned goods.


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