Just starting out or looking to add to your garden or homestead? Here are some great discount codes for some of our favorite products. We’ll update these if there are any changes, so if you’re reading this – this is the most up-to-date code we have. Please note that a small portion of your total purchase will go to help keep this site and our homestead going, at no additional cost to you!


Groceries are getting more expensive by the day, Flashfoods is a great resource to help you save money. Located primarily in the Mid-West right now, they’ve partnered with Meijer and other stores to sell their overstock of meat, dairy, and produce at deeply discounted rates. Grab great deals on meat, bundles of produce that are great for preserving, and more for pennies on the dollar!

Visit Flashfoods to see if it’s available near you and use the coupon code to save $5 off your first order of $10.

Coupon Code: BECK3M0S5


Save $10 on your purchase of $75 or more on Greenstalk’s website. This special discount can be used even in combination with their sales and other promotions!


Save 10% on all Subpod units, ModPods, and accessories.

Use this link to visit Subpod or use the code below to save on your order!

Coupon Code: WEEK99ER10


Save 10% on your new raised garden beds that are great on helping heat dissipate and your gardens thrive.

Use this link to visit Vegega or use the code below to save on your order!

Coupon Code: Hive99