Enter to win a Subpod Bundle and more for ICAW

Enter to win a Subpod Bundle and more for ICAW

Enter to win a Subpod Bundle and more for ICAW

Have you heard of ICAW? 

From the 1-7th of May, it’s International Compost Awareness Week. A time to spread awareness of the positive impacts of composting

Today less than 5% of people compost at home. The common barriers are “It’s too hard, or I don’t have time”

The answer is 25 years! This is because food wastes gets packed so tightly with plastic that there is no air for the bacteria to do their work and so it just piles up and up and up, like a mountain of garbage.

For the last year, I’ve been composting with Subpod and love how convenient the unit is. We love having a safe and smell-free place to put our food waste – that also helps feed our garden as well. It’s discrete and can be used in any backyard garden, and we don’t have to worry about animals getting in it like we had to for our other composters in the past. If you’re ready to start composting use this code WEEK99ER10 and receive a 10% discount on all subpod products. #icaw

Be sure to check out Subpod’s ICAW Events too and on how you can get involved.

Interested in trying out a Subpod of your own? Check out their great giveaway where you can win one of three subpods and up to $2400 in prizes!

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