We’re slowly growing and want to offer our readers some great ways to stay connected to their garden and homestead while helping support our site. Please check back often as we offer great new products and partnerships with different brands.

Garden Planner

Want to plan and keep track of your garden this season and next? Track and plan your backyard garden year to year with this easy-to-use journal. From garden planning guides, templates for bed layouts, and areas for you to keep your garden notes from this season to the next. This is an essential journal to keep track of your harvest and what you learned each year.

Get your own Garden Planner for $7.50

Home Preserving Recipe Keeper

Order your own recipe keeper to save your favorite canning, dehydrating, and preserving recipes. Small and compact this is a great way to keep your recipes on hand when you’re in the kitchen.

Get Your Copy of the Home Preserving Recipe Keeper for $7.50

Hive Health Logbook

Log all of your hive inspections in this handy book. Keep track of honey production, temperament, and more in this pocket-sized book that can be used from season to season.

Get Your Copy of the Hive Health Logbook for $6.00