Tips for Starting Your Own Potted Herb Garden

Tips for Starting Your Own Potted Herb Garden

Most of us may not have the room to grow our own potted herb gardens. However, with these tips, anyone can grow their own potted herbs that will be delicious in any meal. Follow these six tips and before you know it, you will have that green thumb when it comes to potted herb gardens:

Picking the Right Herbs for Your Potted Garden

You should not find any trouble finding herbs that you can grow in pots. It is best to try to avoid herbs that can become overgrown in your pots. Lavender and mint are two herbs that if not planted separately will overtake your pots. Also, make sure when combining herbs in a pot, that they are compatible. Try combining thyme, oregano, rosemary, and sage together. Basil and lemon balm are a good combination as well.

Picking the Right Pot for Your Herb Garden

If you decide to plant a combination of herbs in a pot, make sure that it is about three feet in circumference. You can choose either clay, wood, or ceramic material for your potted herb garden. Make sure that the pot you choose will provide your herbs and soil with plenty of drainage.

Choosing the Right Soil for Your Potted Herb Garden

The soil you choose for your potted herb garden will be very important. Avoid soil with clay compounds, as it will act like cement in your pot. Look for organic potting soil that is specifically for herbs or vegetables. Using a 3 to 1 ratio, fill the pot leaving about two inches from the top with your organic potting soil. Fill the remaining area of the pot with more organic compost to top it off.

Watering Correctly for your Potted Herb Garden

When starting out and your plants are still small, water them in their pots every other day. Potted herbs will lose moisture quickly, especially in a drier climate. As your plants begin to mature, you can cut back the watering to every four days.

Sunshine for your Potted Herb Garden

Most potted herb gardens are grown inside your home. Your potted herb garden will need at least six hours of sun to grow properly. Look for the ideal places to put your potted herb garden. Set them near large windows, glass doors or even out on your patio or deck if the weather is warm.

Using the Herbs from the Potted Garden

To properly use your potted herbs, you will need to remove them from their pots and dry them out. Hang bunches of herbs upside down in a cool, dry location until they dry properly. If you don’t have the space or the time, take the herbs and rinse them in water. Wrap the herbs in a paper towel and set them in the microwave on high for one to four minutes. Chop or crumble up the herbs and then store them in a clean, airtight container. Dried herbs will last in your kitchen for up to a year.

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